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About Us

High quality electronic components available with the best price

Your experienced partner

With years of experience, Goldeagle Technology, LLC. has supplied countless quality basic electrical parts for our customers,including resistor, capacitor, chip, fan etc., tailoring to every individual's demand. Moreover, our service also links us with multiple business partners of various entrepreneurs that needs our electronic parts as their products' building blocks.

Swift Services

You can submit a request for quote and our sales associate will contact you promptly with price and delivery. We update our items stock every day to ensure our respond for our customers' requests for quote as immediate as possible, otherwise within 24 hours. Our team will be here to support you all the way from purchasing to the arrival of your item.

Original Parts

Goldeagle Technology, LLC. only carry genuine parts straight out of original manufacturers, we make sure our parts are brand new and original before they're sent. If necessary, authoritative testing is available to perform the parts' testing. We pursue highest quality possible with the best price for our customers. The satisfactory feed backs from our clients have been motivating us to strive for better ever since.

Parts Ordering

Goldeagle Technology, LLC. also provide special services for customers who need direct purchases from electronic parts manufacturers, suiting every individual's preferences as best as we can.

Good Price

As well as providing the highest quality parts possible, we also pursue the best price for our clients. Come reach us and request for quote on any of our trusted parts, we’ll be the listener to your desired quote.


Authoritative Testers

We’re partners with authoritative testing centers that carry out extensive testing for our trusted parts, because we care about their authenticity more than anything else. We also make sure the experiences of our clients who purchase our parts are smooth and pleasant.